Relationship Advice, Does it Actually Work? Laura & Dalton Explore 36 Tips for a Better Relationship!

In this week's episode Laura's fiancé, Dalton, steps in for Steph while she is on mat leave! Laura & Dalton dive into a list of relationship tips, discussing whether each piece of advice actually works for them. From admitting you're wrong to kissing after an argument, understanding your love languages to choosing your in-laws, Laura & Dalton explore it all! KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Dalton: KIC's One pan maple chicken bake recipe + taking the time to connect with and acknowledging strangers! Laura: The anticipation of Steph's baby! SPECIAL GUEST HOST: Dalton Graham Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK by Mark Manson Show notes: THEICONIC.COM.AU – your go-to for Mother’s Day gifting. Delivered fast. Straight to your door. Shop online at or download the app now. See for privacy information.