Q&A with Steph & Laura: You Asked, We Answered PART 2

This week Steph and Laura answer more of your burning questions. From discussing the pressure many women feel when their fertility is at its peak to sharing how they try to achieve a comfortable work life balance to battling the winter motivational slump and establishing a healthy relationship with food, this episode is jam packed with valuable advice.If you’re in need of support when it comes to your relationship with food, the Butterfly Foundation is here to help. SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Stranger Things Season 4 on NetflixLaura - Dr Emily - Truth vs Harmony The Imperfects Podcast KIC UPDATES:It’s not too late to sign up to Workout In Winter with KIC. Use 'WIW50' at the website checkout to get 50% off the quarterly subscription.Check out our Workout in Winter goal setting journal here. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at www.laroche-posay.com.auSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.