Lisa Wilkinson: A fearless approach to building your career

On this week’s episode Steph and Laura spoke to one of Australia’s most admired journalists, Lisa Wilkinson. From being the youngest ever editor of a national magazine to co-hosting one of Australia’s top Morning TV programs, Lisa is a trailblazer in the media.Lisa shares her advice on how to navigate being thrown in the deep end when starting in a new role and emphasises the positive impact of finding a career that you love.This episode is a reminder to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and to harness others’ belief in you to become more comfortable to take on a challenge and have faith in your abilities. SPECIAL GUEST:Lisa Wilkinson  SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Harvey’s Birthday Cake Recipe (dropping soon in the KIC app)Laura - It Wasn't Meant to Be Like This by Lisa Wilkinson & Witchery White Shirt Campaign KIC UPDATES:Join us for Meditate in May to build your meditation habit. Something exciting is coming to the KIC app. Join our KIC Facebook Community to be the first to find out our news. The KIC Facebook Community is open to all KIC subscribers. Join here.See for privacy information.