KICBUMP: Miscarriage - screw the stigma, Nicole's talking about it.

Trigger warning: Miscarriage & pregnancy loss 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet the topic remains taboo. Steph sits down with KIC’s beautiful team member, Nicole Maycroft, who has unfortunately experienced miscarriage, twice.Nicole very bravely shares an insight to her story, advice on how to help your loved ones as they experience pregnancy loss, the tips and tools that got her through the hardest days, her thoughts towards the 12 week wait and to top it all off, her recent experience with Grave’s Disease. Nicole is determined to break the stigma and help other women & their partners feel less alone. If you’ve recently experienced pregnancy loss and wish to skip passed Steph’s updates on Harvey please start the episode at 9:30SPECIAL GUEST Nicole Maycroft Read Nicole's story and tips to get through a miscarriage here. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Cubo Ai Baby Monitor, an award winning smart baby monitor created by an IVF mom & a paediatrician. Safe sleep for babies, peace of mind for parents. Head to today!See for privacy information.