Hugh Van Cuylenburg - The Power of Gratitude

In today's episode we are joined by Hugh Van Cuylenburg. Hugh is the founding director of The Resilience Project, a best selling author, and co-host of the popular podcast, The Imperfects. Hugh has dedicated his life and his work to teaching people all over Australia about resilience and the power of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. In the year that we have had, Hugh's stories and learnings are so valuable, and we hope this podcast can bring you some much needed joy in 2020.This episode does have reference to eating disorders and may be triggering for some. If you need help please contact The Butterfly Foundation or Beyond Blue.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku Laura: The Imperfects Podcast To get 15% off at use the promo code KICEVENBETTER at checkout, terms and conditions apply: for privacy information.