BONUS EP: Reducing guilt & returning to exercise after COVID

 BONUS EP! “When can I start exercising after COVID?” The question on many of our minds!Laura chats with KIC’s expert physio & women’s health educator, Ash Mason, to help us understand how and when we can return to exercise, safely.Together they chat through Laura’s experience, tools to overcome feelings of guilt about not exercising and the importance of rest and fuelling our bodies as we recover.Ash explains the five phases of returning to exercise and shares her go-to KIC workouts to support you at each stage.SPECIAL GUESTAsh MasonSPECIAL SHARES:Ash: Untamed by Glennon DoyleLaura: We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle, 2 part Brene Brown interview. 1. How to know ourselves & be known by our people , and 2. Holding boundaries & facing our fear See for privacy information.