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a media criticism and commentary series, focusing on pop culture, social issues, and all things that are Extremely Online! hosted by Tiffany Ferguson AKA tiffanyferg

00:29:52 2022-08-16
Let's discuss the lottery! TIME STAMPS: 0:00 - intro 1:45 - so you won the lottery... what's next? 4:34 - today's vid is sponsored by thredUP! 6:34 - the curse of the lotto win 9:44 - how should lotteries support the winners?  10:26 - becoming part o...
00:33:35 2022-06-24
youtube's been feeling off for me lately, as a viewer and creator! let's discuss my recent viewing habits, youtube's algorithm, and how tiktok has affected my consumption.
00:29:15 2022-05-28
let's discuss the struggles of renting! terrible landlords, maintenance issues, and the struggle of getting your security deposit back
00:26:33 2022-05-15
let's discuss WEDDINGS! why are we willing to spend so much on them? and more topics including: social performance, comparison, and wedding burnout
00:26:30 2022-04-07
why are people obsessed with Target? how is this store different from any other superstores?? 
00:23:36 2022-03-30
yes I've fallen into the city-planning side of the algorithm!! let's discuss the car dependency of much of the US, some historical context about the suburbs, and the importance of walkability.
00:28:57 2022-03-16
Let's discuss the evolution of youtuber merch, from simple printed t-shirts to collabs to entirely new companies!
00:31:43 2022-02-13
what's the deal with "passive income" ?! let's discuss the commonly promoted ideas, potential scams, & whether passive income really even exists!
00:27:06 2022-01-26
tbt to the "storytime" era of youtube!
00:34:23 2022-01-14
let's discuss 'authentic' travel and the tourism industry.
00:27:43 2021-12-21
(VIDEO EPISODE ON SPOTIFY!) let's look at some dystopian real estate content! ridiculously expensive real estate, house flipping, house hacking, and tiny (barely livable) spaces.
00:32:17 2021-12-13
(VIDEO EPISODE ON SPOTIFY!) let's discuss why many influencers are leaving LA and moving to NYC!
00:23:37 2021-11-07
(VIDEO EPISODE ON SPOTIFY!) How we dress can have major impacts on how others perceive us, and how we feel. Today's episode explores the concept of "looking expensive" -- youtube and tiktok tutorials share tips on how to do so... but what does that really...
00:31:19 2021-10-15
(VIDEO EPISODE ON SPOTIFY!) Let's discuss the instagram account Deuxmoi, which features anonymous celebrity gossip and amateur paparazzi photos. We should reconsider our relationships with the gossip industry and give celebrities more privacy.
00:29:39 2021-09-18
(VIDEO EPISODE ON SPOTIFY!) Let's explore the van life trend: what is appealing about this? Why is it so popular right now? And what does the van life trend say about our current housing crisis?
00:40:54 2021-08-19
The real prize of going on reality tv is becoming an influencer, to be honest! Let's dive into this pipeline.
00:56:19 2021-08-02
yes a 56 minute long episode about TEETH! let's discuss influencer smiles, the rise of veneers, and the fact that dental care is a human right!! we all deserve better!
00:31:27 2021-07-01
What happens when youtubers pass their peak? what happens when you're not relevant anymore?
00:32:52 2021-06-25
Let's discuss, how do wealth & class impact your success in creating lifestyle content?
00:23:21 2021-05-27
Let's discuss the rise of fashion commentary! It seems that many of us are interesting in learning more about fashion history, historical dress, and sewing.
00:34:10 2021-05-15
Let's discuss season 2 of The Circle! I love reality tv.
00:25:50 2021-05-03
Let's explore the sketchy ads under viral tweets: where do these ads come from? Why are the same few weird products promoted?
00:26:30 2021-04-10
Let's analyze some (potentially outdated) memes! What is a normie? What is a local? Why do we call people these terms?
00:30:40 2021-03-18
Why does it seem like youtubers stop posting once they get popular?? let's discuss some possible reasons and my theories.
00:27:56 2021-02-18
Let's explore the mega closets of the super rich. How can anyone own so much stuff?
00:31:39 2021-02-10
Meme kids are children that have become memes. Let's discuss their incredible experiences with fame and why we need to respect their privacy!
00:15:03 2020-12-19
Should we be worried about CGI, artificial, digital influencers? Why do digital influencers, like Lil Miquela, exist?
00:28:05 2020-11-25
Yes I just spent almost 30 mins overthinking leggings... Why are people online fighting about what's a "flared legging" or a pair of yoga pants? Why do we continue to police the clothing that women wear?
00:35:22 2020-10-20
Let's discuss "The Social Dilemma" documentary, digital literacy, and online privacy.
00:24:58 2020-09-17
Let's explore the rise of D'Angelo Wallace! His channel blew up recently, especially with his series exposing Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star in depth.
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