How To: Rob Claybrook on Tiling

Welcome to the second episode of this new 'How To' series of House Guest. This week's podcast is all about tiling - 'How To get to grips with tiles'. Interiors editor Carole Annett chats to Rob Whitaker, Creative Director and co-founder of Claybrook Tiles. 'The whole tile world can be a bit of an enigma,' says Rob, 'knowing the difference between a floor and wall tile, what's suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The first question we usually get is, "is it suitable for a wet area"'. Rob lends a guiding hand through the world of tiles - it has changed enormously over the last few years with the introduction of porcelain tiles which opens up a whole new look. 'you need to know what you are buying', says Rob, 'and where it's going to be used. Natural materials like terracotta and stone are beautiful but are porous - put in the work initially, make sure it's sealed properly and look after it - you just need to know what you're buying'. Tune in for more.

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