How To: Expand a Luxury Business During Difficult Times with Artist and Scarf Designer Sabina Savage

After training at Paris’s oldest couture school Sabina applied for a work placement at Alexander McQueen and there was able to hone her craft. ‘Alexander McQueen was the ultimate storyteller and everything there is hand-drawn. They sat me down at a desk and gave me a pencil.' After McQueen, she decided to go it alone printing her own designs onto silk squares. She sold these ‘to all my mum’s friends’, but the money funded the next collection. Sabina’s designs are rich in detail, each one taking between 4 and 6 weeks. They now sell in Fortnum and Mason in the UK, and she has a big following in the US. Her latest collection, Panchatantra, is based on an ancient Indian book of moralistic animal stories. Tune in for more and visit to feast your eyes.

by House Guest by Country & Town House | Interior Designer Interviews