How To Eat: Extraordinary Food and a Fabulous Setting at Heckfield Place with Skye Gyngell and David Rowley

My House Guests this week are Skye Gyngell and David Rowley, who between them oversee food and farm at Heckfield Place in Hampshire. "When a restaurant has a real relationship with a farm, it's both of our work on the plate.' explains Skye, who rose to fame via the food pages of Vogue and the Michelin-star Petersham Nurseries before launching Spring restaurant at Somerset House. The ethos of food at Heckfield starts with the soil and follows the principles of biodynamic farming. David explains how understanding the movements of the sun and moon and seeding at favourable times results in fruit and vegetables that taste as Mother Nature intended. Tune in for more and to hear about Heckfield's monthly produce sales (starting this month) where you can visit the gardens and buy pickles, jams, cordial, flowers and home made bread - a wonderful day out and a taste of Heckfield (visit for details).

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