How To Design a Garden for RHS Chelsea Flower Show with Richard Miers

My House Guest this week is garden designer Richard Miers who will be showcasing a garden next week at Chelsea. 'I've always wanted to do the RHS flower show, it's a bit like Everest for a garden designer,' he explains, 'always there as the ultimate challenge'. The garden is sponsored by Perennials, the gardeners' charity, which inspired Richard's theme of love and nurture. 'I knew i wanted it to be enclosed and sheltered so you get the feeling of being looked after, that's what the charity does, it cares about the horticultural community'. Richard gives an insight into the process of design, and how he is bringing in elements never been seen before at Chelsea. 'It's been an incredibly tense few weeks', he says, 'i've had to up my game'. Tune in for more.

by House Guest by Country & Town House | Interior Designer Interviews