Hot Girl Talks

Join Halley, Carly and Jaz every Thursday. The girls are bringing you along for a comedy podcast about dating, sex, relationships, life in Nyc and more! Send your questions and stories to

21:42:34 2022-11-24
Carly, Halley and Jaz wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! This week the girls give all the details of their LONG weekend bender-- and look ahead to their holiday plans and their favorite holiday foods. 
21:41:54 2022-11-17
This week the girls talk about how they handle people who do them dirty, hook up culture, and getting ghosted. 
21:46:59 2022-11-10
After a week of ups and downs, the girls are ready to dish out all the dirty details! No, really-- Carly hit up an LA mansion party while Halley helped clean up Jaz's apartment back in NYC. 
21:57:46 2022-11-03
We asked you to send us any assumptions you have about Carly, Halley and Jaz, and you didn't hold back. This week the girls unpack your craziest theories and answer the question-- are the rumors true?
21:57:30 2022-10-27
Do you f*ck with the following-- cheese, pickles, hockey games, wii fit, sideparts or living with a significant other? Tune in to find out Jaz, Carly and Halley's takes on all this and more.
21:59:13 2022-10-20
Halley, Jaz and Carly get down talking about the dirty. From this week's climax + blueballs to their favorite or most embarrassing sex stories-- the girls are sharing all the juicy details.
21:53:08 2022-10-13
*TW*(ED) Carly, Jaz and Halley get candid about their relationship with eating and how it has evolved over the years.   For more resources visit:  ...
21:55:22 2022-10-06
Change is in the air...Jaz went to Trader Joe's for the first time, Halley is a dog mom now, and Carly... we're not really sure what's up with Carly. Tune in for all the juicy updates! 
21:47:16 2022-09-29
This week, the girls are diving into some hot girl topics that you won't want to miss. Is love unconditional? Should cheaters be forgiven? Thoughts on BDSM? Jaz, Carly and Halley's lay it all on the table.
21:50:44 2022-09-22
Friendships are what make Hot Girl Talks 👏happen👏. And our favorite bestie-trio is here to break down their best stories and advice when it comes to true friendship in your 20’s. 
21:51:14 2022-09-15
This week on Hot Girl Talks Jaz takes a hard stance on read receipts, Halley is ready to wage war on NYC real estate brokers and Carly is laying down the rules for a situationship. Also, is there a right time to lose your virginity? Tune in to hear the gi...
21:55:00 2022-09-08
It’s time for Jaz, Halley and Carly to !BeReal! about the world of influencing. This episode, they deep dive into the pros and cons that influencing has had on their careers and personal lives while sprinkling in some hot takes, talks and tales per usua...
21:52:22 2022-09-01
The girls are back from Europe and it was a TRIP.  Carly, Jaz and Halley share the highs and lows of cruise life, breaking down all of their juiciest vacation stories. 
21:57:23 2022-08-18
Jaz, Halley and Carly take EUROPE! This week, Hot Girl Talks goes global as the girls set sail on a European cruise and get up to their usual shenanigans. From jumping in the ocean at 3am to hitting the casino in international waters, the girls are booked...
21:55:54 2022-08-11
Jaz, Halley and Carly unpack the ins and outs of friendship in your 20s. From discussing how to make friends in a new place, to dealing with friends in relationships or outgrowing friendships, the girls come to the conclusion that quality is more importan...
21:48:13 2022-08-04
Halley, Carly, and Jaz are at it again. This week the girls discuss the art (or lack there of) of flirting, getting over a guy you barely know, and accepting that they’re just not that into you. Plus, does anyone else want to be an Army wife after watch...