Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion feat. Jeremy York, SHRM-SCP

Listen to this episode because there's a business case for diversity besides it being the right thing to do. Most of the diversity and inclusion conversations have been solely focused on race and gender. But many aspects of diversity are not as visible. Diversity of thought has to be brought to the forefront. To allow for people to have different perspectives and kinds of experiences that can be shared at work. While an organization can value diversity, it doesn't necessarily make it an inclusive one. Inclusion is about creating workplaces where people can feel comfortable bringing their WHOLE selves to work. Leaders and managers are only as strong as the people backing and supporting them. Inclusion is what makes diversity work.Key episode takeaway: "We've never seen such a diverse amount of people in the labor pool as we see today. Whether it's through a generation standpoint, race, sexual orientation, social-economic status–everyone is different. When organizations can learn to capitalize on diversity, it can help them to get ahead faster."---EARN SHRM RECERTIFICATION PDCs FOR LISTENINGHonest HR podcast episodes will help you build your competencies while you earn professional development credits (PDCs) toward your SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP recertification! All you have to do is listen to a full mini-series to earn PDCs! All relevant details, including the Activity IDs, are provided during the podcast recording itself.The Honest HR podcast is only one of SHRM's podcast offerings. And currently, it is the only one approved for recertification PDCs.---This episode is Part 1 of a three-part series. When you listen to all parts of the series, you are eligible to receive PDCs for your participation.

by Honest HR