Authenticity: Exclamation Marks in Email & Egocentrism

This week we are continuing our rebroadcast of our first two-part mini-series on leadership and navigation and communication. This is part two of that mini-series.This episode featured guest Brittany Hanson, a Talent Acquisition Consultant for UW Credit Union in Madison, Wisconsin. You'll hear about the time Brittany, brought humor to a strategic workplace meeting - let's just say it involved purple post its. The reality is not everyone's most authentic self meshes with their entire office. How do you keep from losing yourself when friction presents itself and to build resilience instead./////EARN SHRM RECERTIFICATION PDCs FOR LISTENINGHonest HR podcast episodes will help you build your competencies while you earn professional development credits (PDCs) toward your SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP recertification! The Honest HR podcast is only one of SHRM's podcast offerings. And currently, it is the only one approved for recertification PDCs./////This episode is part 2 of a two-part series on leadership and navigation, and communication. The first part of this series is "Entry Level to Next Level: Bouncing Back from Feedback and Failure and Knowing Your Worth feat. Sam Arpino, M.S."/////When you listen to both parts of the series, you are eligible to receive PDCs for your participation. All relevant details, including the Activity IDs, are provided during the podcast recording itself.

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