Self isolating ? Furloughed ? Working from home ? Looking for a wholly new podcast that doesn't contain too many questions in the description field ? Then look no further 6CkW3mhMw2OtctM0sChi

00:22:29 2021-07-24
Talent spills from every pore from this month's guest - Joe Calderon. What an incredibly friendly, good guy to talk to. If you want to know about dedication to music and versatility, he's the guy. He talks about writing songs, getting back to performing a...
00:29:48 2021-04-01
I first got to chat to Kenny Thomas back in 1993. He was touring around commercial radio to promote " Stay " and even then had so many great stories and was incredibly approachable. It's so good to re connect after all this time and hear about his new aut...
00:31:44 2020-09-23
The Royal, Outside Edge, Roger Roger, theatre credits, indie films and a crime writing podcast is a much condensed version of Robert Daws' CV. LIsten to Robert's stories, opinions and anecdotes on what it is to be a hugely experienced actor and what paved...
00:18:10 2020-08-06
He's scored If Beale Street Could Talk, Moonlight, The Big Short and Succession - he's the vastly talented composer Nicholas Brittel who lets John in on why he writes the way he does. Baga Chipz is one of the " stars " of the current series of Celebrity M...
00:22:09 2020-06-11
Anthony Stepniak from the University of Northampton has a bunch of thoughts about how Hollywood moves on from the pandemic, what the arts scene will probably look like and spends 14 minutes not taking a selfie. It's a record for Anthony. John wangs on abo...
00:16:55 2020-05-28
Remember when we all expressed our consternation that key workers were treated shabbily, paid too little and deserved society's respect? Pretty sure I heard that when the pandemic is all over, we wouldn't be making that mistake again. Don't be daft. That'...
00:01:10 2020-04-30
Enough with the trailers already !
00:01:00 2020-04-28
Call this a follow up hors d'oeuvres if you like. The first and full episode coming within the next 48 hrs.
00:00:55 2020-04-09
The go to podcast during Covid-19. Boredom is magically staved off and other unverifiable claims that you know and expect from the internet. This is the official trailer, as opposed to those fan made ones that haven't materialised and don't exist.