Tim Suchanek | GraphCDN CTO | Full Interview

We are currently doing a couple of team interviews to tell you more about the fine people who work with us at GraphCDN. We wanna document their stories, and share their perspectives with you. Our second guest in this interview series is Tim Suchanek from Berlin. Tim is a software engineer, and also the co-founder of GraphCDN. He’s very passionate about technology, startups, and new ideas — which eventually lead him to Berlin. Before founding GraphCDN, Tim worked for a number of years at Prisma where he lead their TypeScript efforts. Tim brings a lot of technical expertise and experience from the GraphQL world with him. On top of his supportive personality and kind attitude towards building the best possible team for this product, Tim is also very focused on expanding the team with diversity and equal opportunities in mind. Let us introduce you to our friend Tim Suchanek. Topics discussed include: Getting into Startups Ideas and Creativity Early Mistakes Investor Tricks Ego is the Enemy Tough Lessons False Urgency Letting Go Paid Learnings Modern Product Management MVP Misunderstandings Discovery and Delivery Side Projects Prioritizing Being Overwhelmed Sprint Planning Values Driven Getting Things Done Deep Work Parental Leave Coaching for Everyone People Organisation Gratitude Superpower

by Future Founder Promise