Thomas Heyenbrock | #01 | Hooked On Math | Getting Into Data Science and Programming | First Real Job | Terrible Beginnings

A Future Founder Promise Podcast clip from the "Stellate Office Hour" interview with Thomas Heyenbrock, Staff Software Engineer at Stellate. Thomas worked as a Data Scientist, and was also the “Head of Analytics” at Finanzchef24, before he joined Stellate. Right now he is wearing multiple hats; working on both front-end and backend tasks, as well as integrations and product. Hear Thomas' perspective on: Hooked On Math Getting Into Data Science First Real Job Getting Into Programming Terrible Beginnings and much more… We are currently doing a couple of team interviews to tell you more about the fine people who work with us at Stellate. We wanna document their stories, and share their perspectives with you. If you got interested in working with us as well, please take a look at our hiring page.

by Future Founder Promise