Stephan Schneider | Clip #03 | New Job | GraphQL Love | Quitting Beloved Job | Joining Small Startup | Productive Pair Programming | Flow State | Feeling Productive | Starting vs Proceeding

A FFP interview with Stellate Software Engineer Stephan Schneider. Stephan is a Berlin based software engineer with a deep love for backend logic and a living example that attending meetups can help your career progression. He started working for Contentful after being on one of the meetups they hosted and stuck with them for many years, building and maintaining various APIs, including their GraphQL API from scratch. He later toured a few meetups to give back to the community by talking about the lessons learned - design decisions, developer experience and performance on scale - and ended up chatting with the Stellate team on one of those. Now he's an engineer for Stellate, doubling-down on what he loves to do: helping users with their backend APIs. Hear Stephan's perspective on: New job GraphQL love Fading product attachment Quitting beloved job Joining small startup Productive pair programming Flow state Feeling productive Pairing engineering culture Sharing domain knowledge “The War Of Art” Starting vs proceeding Larger companies Office vs remote experience Meetup recruitment Quitting secure job Family support and much more… We are currently hiring for a lot of new positions at Stellate. If you got interested in potentially working with us, please take a look at our hiring page.

by Future Founder Promise