Stellate Office Hours Clip #01 | Opening Up GraphQL APIs | Rebranding | The Global Data Graph | The Dichotomy Of GraphQL | Extending The Vision

This is a clip from our first "Stellate Office Hours" episode on the Future Founder Promise podcast. We want to give our listeners an update about our recent changes, and tell you the story of how GraphCDN became Stellate. Our host and CEO Max Stoiber talks to his co-founder and CTO Tim Suchanek about the recent announcements, and their vision for the company. Tim Suchanek is a software engineer from Berlin, and also the co-founder of Stellate. He’s very passionate about technology, startups, and new ideas, which eventually then brought him to Berlin. Before founding Stellate, Tim worked for a number of years at Prisma where he lead their TypeScript efforts. Tim brings a lot of technical expertise and experience from the GraphQL world with him. On top of his supportive personality and kind attitude towards building the best possible team for this product, Tim is also very focused on expanding the team with diversity and equal opportunities in mind. We hope you will enjoy this clip from our first "Stellate Office Hours" conversation.

by Future Founder Promise