Open Source Developer Phil Plückthun | Stellate Office Hours Interview | Full Conversation

A Stellate Office Hour interview for the Future Founder Promise Podcast with Phil Plückthun, Staff Software Engineer at Stellate. Phil Plückthun is a veteran open source developer who created the GraphQL client urql, and he was also hire #01 at Stellate. Phil has been working with the React community since its early days. You may also know him from some other highly popular open source projects like styled-components, where he already started working with our CEO and podcast host Max Stoiber.  Phil was also involved with react-ssr-prepass, and react-live. It is noteworthy that the aforementioned GraphQL client urql is now the third most popular choice in the community for GraphQL clients. Hear Phil's perspective on: Getting into coding Being self-taught Dropping out of university Early jobs Advice for joining startups Getting into the GraphQL space urql beginnings Working with Lego Starting at Stellate Formidable Labs Massive opportunities for Stellate Putting people first Building companies The value of company culture Being good at ideas Helping customers University vs Self-Taught Creating From Nothing Learning And Discovery Abundance Of Routes University Curricula Expert Courses Startup Phase Early React Early Styled Components React Evolution Basic React Community Pendulum Swings Getting Into GraphQL Checking Vibes Commitment To Improve Growing Together Good At Ideas And Hunches The Most Difficult Thing and much more… We are currently doing a couple of team interviews to tell you more about the fine people who work with us at Stellate. We wanna document their stories, and share their perspectives with you. If you got interested in working with us as well, please take a look at our hiring page.

by Future Founder Promise