Meet The Team w/ Marko Locher, Head of Customer Success @Stellate | Support & Customer Success | Getting into Startups | Voicing Ideas | Hustle Culture | Joining Stellate | European Startup Ecosystem

A “Meet The Team” FFP interview with Stellate's Head of Customer Success Marko Locher. Marko is an experienced Customer Success professional with a history of working in developer tooling and startups. He spent the last couple of years learning all about and helping people with Continuous Integration and Delivery at companies like CloudBees and CodeShip. In his spare time, Marko enjoys skiing and sailing, among a lot of other outdoor activities. You can also find him reading the newest Expanse novel at Vienna's Donaukanal, or enjoying a coffee in one of the city's many cafes. Hear Marko’s perspective on: Support and Customer Success Origins Austrian Stereotypes Quality Customer Support Responsive Organisations Documentation Great Customer Success Teams Avoidable Internal Struggles Getting Into Customer Success CodeShip CloudBees Acquisition Getting Into Startups Future Startup Plans Berlin Experience Stellate’s Founder Support Voicing Ideas Avoidable Startup Nightmares Burnout Hustle Culture Sailing Instructor Life COVID Years Remote Office Environment Unhealthy Habits Decompress Strategies Joining Stellate Getting Into GraphQL GraphQL’s Possible Future GraphQL Community Excitement About Stellate European Startup Ecosystem Austrian Startup Mindset Twitter: @mlocher LinkedIn:

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