Laura Tacho | #05 | Obvious Coaching Benefits | Coaching Misconceptions | Maintaining Excellence | Finding Coaches | "Chemistry Test" | Practice Space | Winging Leadership | Skiing Instructor Training

A Future Founder Promise podcast clip from the full interview with the former VP of engineering and engineering leadership coach Laura Tacho. Laura helps with building high-performing dev teams. Previously she was leading engineering teams at Codeship and CloudBees. She partners with software engineering managers and executives to level up their leadership skills through courses, coaching and her engineering management program. You can find more information about her services here: Hear Laura's perspective on: Obvious coaching benefits Coaching misconceptions Maintaining excellence Finding coaches "Chemistry Test" Practice space Winging leadership Skiing instructor training and much more… We are currently hiring for a lot of new positions at Stellate. If you got interested in potentially working with us, please take a look at our hiring page.

by Future Founder Promise