Who parents should be voting for this election

What would make your life easier? How about a year of shared paid parental leave and universal access to early education and childcare and out-of-school care? This would mean that you could share the first year with your new baby with your partner and that child care would be like primary school; almost free and easily accessible. Georgie Dent is the Executive Director of The Parenthood. She's lobbying for these changes and believes that this election is the time that we could change the way we raise kids in Australia. Mentioned in this interview: The Parenthood on Instagram - get up-to-date information about how the parties are going with policies that are pro-families Kindi Care - find out which party will make the biggest difference to your childcare payments Thrive by Five - a lobby group trying to get universal access to childcare See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love