The new online resource teaching dads how to parent well

When it comes to learning best parenting practice, women tend to be the ones to buy the book, or turn up to the event. That's according to research by Richard Fletcher and Emily Freeman. Further research by the Movember charity found that 42% of men are anxious about whether they are a 'good father'.So if men aren't reading books or going to events, but they are worried about their parenting abilities, where do they go to learn about parenting? A new online platform is attempting to give men what they want. Professor Mark Dadds is a leading psychologist and child behaviour expert at the University of Sydney. He was also involved in the research and implementation of a new parenting website designed specifically for men; Family ManMark explains how the portal is tailored to men, and the difference it can make when dads are engaged.. See for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love