How birth has changed in a time of Covid

Women have given birth through different challenging times in history, with those challenges changing the way they experience pregnancy and labour. Since the very beginning of the pandemic Hannah Dahlen, a Professor of Midwifery at Western Sydney University, has been part of a research team documenting how this particular challenging time - life with the threat of serious illness and the repercussions of that threat - has been impacting the experience of pregnancy and birth today. Hannah explains how the physical and social impacts of the virus on expectant mums. More information on the current survey: Are you currently pregnant OR have given birth since May 2021 (during the latest surge in COVID-19 in Australia) AND are you willing to share your experience by completing this survey. Hannah Dahlen and her research team are conducting a research project (through Western Sydney University) into women’s experiences of being pregnant, giving birth and parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia. We distributed a survey in 2020 but the 2021/2022 surge in cases has also had a significant impact on women and their families which we want to capture. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. You can go back in on the same device to the same place in the survey so it does not need to be done in one sitting. Follow the link and add your voice to this study OR pass this on through your social media networks.    See for privacy information.

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