Helpline with Karina Lane: Dummy dependency, sporadic day naps and more

Parenting coach and expert with Babyology's Sleep School Karina Lane filled in on this episode of On this Karina helps with the following challenges: A six-month-old with a dummy dependency, getting a 14.5-month-old to self settle, getting a 13.5-month-old to have consistent day naps, helping one 13-month-old twin who is waking in the night, a ten-month-old baby hitting their head while asleep (and waking herself up), a 25-month-old who struggles with sleeping through the night, a ten-month-old that needs a lot of comfort to sleep through the night, how to ditch the dummy for a 20-month-old and a five-year-old who has trouble settling in at school.Helpline. Helpline See for privacy information.

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