Helpline with Jo Ryan: Newborn feeding challenges and elongating sleep cycles

Whether you're having challenges getting your baby to sleep for longer than 45 minutes or your toddler to stop biting, has the expert to help you find a way forward. Author of Baby Blissand Babyology Sleep School Expert Jo Ryan joins us to help with the following concerns: Whether it's possible to extend an eight-week-old's sleep cycles, transitioning a 17-month-old co-sleeper to sleeping alone, a two-week-old who is getting very fussy about breastfeeding, a three-month-old baby who doesn't appear to like her mother's milk, whether five-month-olds normally grunt when they poo, whether a four-year-old can be night-time toilet trained and an 18-month-old who head-bangs during tantrums.HelplineSee for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love