Helpline: Weaning toddlers, dummy dramas, daddy issues and more

Like a toddler who gets too attached to their bedtime bottle, or another who can't sleep without their dummy. Whatever age or stage your child is at, we're here to help. This week paediatric nurse and sleep expert Jo Ryan helps with the following: A 15-month-old who doesn't want to give up their bedtime bottle, a two-year-old who refuses to sleep after giving up their dummy, a six-week-old who can't be settled by their dad, a two-and-a-half year old whose sleep has regressed, a two-year-old who is refusing to swallow their food, a four-month-old who hates tummy time, an otherwise gentle 19-month-old who keeps biting and a four-year-old who has regressed to wanting to be a baby. For more time with Jo Ryan you can book her through Babyology's Sleep School.See for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love