Helpline: Unsettled nights and early rising babies, single day naps and more

While the world outside is grappling with a pandemic, parents everywhere are dealing with the everyday challenges that raising small humans brings. Whether it's getting your baby to sleep for longer stretches, or your toddler to stop throwing food - our children will continue to be our greatest test and joy.Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is here to help us navigate these challenges. On today's episode of that includes: A two-year-old waking through the night, an 11.5 -month-old having disturbed nights once a week, when do babies sleep naturally through the night? A six-month-old waking at 4am every morning, helping a 16-month-old transition to one day sleep, a six-week-old baby with a gurgling tummy, feeding a nine-month-old baby when you're returning to work, how to manage a nine-week-old who is sleeping through the night but has low weight and introducing dairy to a baby's diet who has cows milk protein allergy.HelplineSee for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love