Helpline: Troublesome toddlers, one-year sleep challenges and more

The truth of being a parent is that every child or baby is different, just like every parent is different. This means that finding the answer for your particular challenge can be difficult. That's why we started a place you can come and ask an expert questions, and get answers tailored to your family and child. In this episode baby sleep expert Jo Ryan helps navigate the following scenarios:Helpline, A 12-month-old waking at night and not resettlingA nearly three-year-old who has regressed with their toilet trainingA three-year-old throwing tantrumsA three-year-old who is getting very frustratedA three-month-old who is only sleeping for three hours straightWhether a 19-month-old standing and weeing in the bath means they are ready for toilet trainingA seven-month-old who needs to be held to sleepA one-year-old who is still breastfeeding at nightIf you would like to book an online appointment with Jo Ryan you can book her through Babyology’s Parent School. will be back next Monday. You can contact us by doing any of the following: Email us at, ask your question during the Babyology Facebook live on Monday from AEDT 11:30am or leave your question in our Babyology Helpline Facebook group. Need help or advice right now? Book in a one-on-one session with a Parent School expertHelplineSee for privacy information.

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