Helpline: Toilet training, separation anxiety, wakeful twins and more

It's a cliche but babies really don't come with a manual. And even when you've read all the books and googled all the problems, sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Karina Lane is a parenting coach, a postnatal doula and an expert with Babyology's Sleep School. On this episode of she tackles: A three-year-old who refuses to toilet train, an eleven-month-old who won't let dad help, a three-year-old who is always touching himself, a three-year-old always getting in to his parent's bed, night toilet training a four-year-old, how to get rid of cradle cap on an eight-week-old baby, weaning a two-year-old off breast feeds, a 19-month-old who wakes screaming in the night, helping one ten-week-old twin to sleep as well as another and a three-year-old who has become constipated during toilet training.Helpline See for privacy information.

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