Helpline: Sleepless babies, dropping day naps, babies who don't crawl and more

Each week we have a Babyology expert join us to help you find a way through sleepless nights and unruly behaviour. This week Mothercraft nurse and author of Bringing Baby HomeChris Minogue joins us to advise on the following challenges: A six-month-old waking constantly through the night, a nineteen-month-old who is not a fan of sleep, a ten-month-old waking through the night, eighteen-month-old twins who like pulling hair, whether it's time to let a two-and-a-half year old drop their day nap, a thirty-two-month-old who is refusing day naps, a nine-month-old who is not crawling and whether it's time for a four-and-a-half year old to give up his day nap.See for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love