Helpline in Focus: Wellbeing in pregnancy, birth and beyond

This week on , parenting coach Karina Lane talks about wellbeing in pregnancy, birth and beyond. This includes:Helpline in Focus Whether a pregnant woman should have her mother-in-law in the birthing suite Will a vaginal birth after a c-section be a better recovery? How to manage visitors from your extended family after childbirth How to prepare for the second birth in twelve months so that the recovery is better How to manage a newborn and toddler when you're suddenly single When is it possible to start exercising again after childbirth if you are usually very fit? To book in a one-on-one session with Karina Lane, check out the Parent School powered by Babyology. Want to ask our experts your own question? Join our weekly LIVE Helplines on Facebook or leave your question in our Facebook Helpline Group. See for privacy information.

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