Helpline in Focus: Toilet training

This week on toilet training expert Monica Ferrie takes us through the best ways to tackle toilet training. She answers the following questions:Helpline in FocusWhy is it harder to get kids to poo in the toilet (than wee). What does it mean if a three-year-old is hiding to poo? How do we get them to poo on the loo?How to toilet train a five-and-a-half-year-old who is still wetting the bed at nightWhether to start toilet training an 18-month-old who is showing signs of readinessA three-year-old who is toilet trained but just started preschool and is having regular accidentsA six-year-old who is still not dry at nightA two-year-old who holds onto her poos (rather than using the toilet)A three-year-old boy who is not showing any signs that he is ready to use the toiletTo book in a one-on-one session Monica Ferrie, check out the Parent School powered by Babyology.Want to ask our experts your own question? Join our Parent School Facebook Live every Thursday from 12.00-12.30pm (AEDT) LIVE on the Babyology Facebook page or leave your question on our Facebook Helpline Group.See for privacy information.

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