Helpline in Focus: Managing remote learning in lockdown

This week on primary school teacher, author and mum joins us to talk about how parents can manage remote learning in lockdown. She tackles the following subjects:Helpline in Focus(Teacher, Dear Parents and Measuring Up)Tips on how to make remote learning easierHow to help a 6-year-old boy concentrate on school workWhether when supporting two children should you be concentrating on the younger child (who is less capable of independent learning)Whether lock down will lead to a large educational divide depending on how your school and household was able to do remote learningHow much parents need to correct their child's workHow a teacher who is also home schooling their own kids should be responding to parents who demand answers 24/7To find out more about Gabbie Stroud and her work you can find out more at her website. To book in a one-on-one session with a Parent School expert, check out Parent School powered by Babyology.Want to ask our experts your own question? Join our weekly LIVE Helplines on Facebook or leave your question in our Facebook Helpline Group.See for privacy information.

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