Helpline in Focus: Breastfeeding challenges

This week on midwife and lactation consultant Keren Sharon helps mums through some breastfeeding challenges. She answers the following questions:Helpline in Focus,Should someone who is 34 weeks should start expressing her colostrum?A six-week-old baby who is finishing her feeds quickly (and is it related to mum's supply)?How to help a five-month-old who is frustrated with the speed of mum's let downShould breastfeeding hurt with a two-week-old baby?How to wean a nine-month-old babyHow to help supply when it drops at 10 monthsTo book in a one-on-one session Keren Sharon, check out the Parent School powered by Babyology.Want to ask our experts your own question? Join our Facebook Live every Thursday from 12.00-12.30pm (AEDT) on the Babyology Facebook page, or leave your question on our Facebook Helpline GroupHelpline in Focus.See for privacy information.

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