Helpline highlights: How to stop bed sharing, fighting twins and more

Helpline is taking a break this week, so we have found one of our favourite Helpline episodes with Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue. On this episode she helps with: Transitioning a two-year-old out of sleeping bags into sheets, how to stop bed-sharing with a one-year-old, ways to set up sleeping arrangements with a two-year-old and new baby, how to get a three-year-old to sleep to 6.30am, a sleep routine for 18-month-old who is waking up very early, how to keep a two-month-old cool when it gets hot, how to stop three-year-old twins fighting and helping a five-year-old feel more confident (he has a stutter). will be back on Monday. If you need any help in the meantime you can speak with an expert through Babyology's Parent School. Otherwise you can contact us by doing any of the following: Email us at, ask our expert during the Babyology Facebook live on Monday from 11:30am or leave your question in our Babyology Helpline Facebook group.HelplineSee for privacy information.

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