Helpline: Gagging toddlers, dropping night feeds, fear-of-the-dark and more

Sometimes when your baby or child is going through a challenging situation, it can feel like you've tried everything. That's when it's time to ask an expert, like Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue.Chris has had over thirty years helping families negotiate sleepless nights and tantruming toddlers. This week on Chris helps parents with: A 13-month-old who is gagging at meal times, a three-year-old who has replaced a dummy with their thumb, an early-waking three-year-old, dropping night feeds for a seven-month-old, how to help a four-year-old starting a new daycare during COVID, a three-and-a-half-year-old who refuses to poo in the toilet, an almost four-year-old who wakes up from naps crying, a three-month-old who keeps pushing out her dummy, a six-month-old refusing solids, a six-week-old who won't sleep during the day without being held, introducing formula to a seven-month-old and a three-year-old who's afraid of the dark.HelplineTo book an expert to help with your own challenges check out Babyology's Sleep School.See for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love