Helpline: Fussy eating, indigestion, transitioning to bedrooms and big beds

When your baby wakes up every hour throughout the night it can be difficult to think up a solution that will help them sleep better. When your toddler is saying 'no' to everything, you may not see a way to easier behaviour. That's where Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue comes in. Chris has had over thirty years experience untangling the things that can trip parents up. She joins every week to help you find solutions to whatever your particular challenge may be. This week that includes: A two-month-old who suffers from indigestion, a four-year-old fussy eater, an 18-month-old waking through the night, how to smoothly transition three children into sharing one room, a 20-month-old waking through the night, transitioning a toddler to a big bed, how to stop a three-year-old waking his little brother in the morning, a preschooler who refuses to use the toilet.Helpline See for privacy information.

by Feed Play Love