Helpline: Daytime nap regressions, five-year-old tantrums and more

Babies and small children can be little mysteries at times. Why do they start waking in the middle of the night? Or start throwing food on the floor? gives you the chance to discover what could be going on for your little one. Our qualified experts will decipher what it could all mean, and give you tips to get them back on track.HelplineThis week Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue helps parents with the following challenges: A ten-month-old with daytime nap regression, an eleven-month-old who can wake up to six times a night, a three-year-old who will only poo in their nappy, an almost three-year-old who is refusing to be toilet trained, a six-month-old who is not settling for her day naps, a two-and-a-half-year-old who is very fussy with their food, a three-year-old waking up at night, a one-year-old who wakes at midnight (and stays awake for three hours), a five-year-old having bad tantrums, a twenty-three-month-old who will only eat pureed food and a five-month-old waking every hour through the night.For more help and to speak with a qualified expert check out Babyology's Parent School.See for privacy information.

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