Helpline: Day sleepers/ night wakers, night time party animals and more

When a new baby comes into your life you might find you have a few questions. Is it normal for them to be awake all night? How do I get them to sleep in their cot (and not in my arms)? But who do you ask? How do you find the right answers for you and your family?is the show that helps you navigate through the many challenges of parent. Each week an expert joins the show to answer your questions and find the right solution for you. This week Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is on the show helping with the following questions:Helpline How do you get a three-week-old to sleep as well at night as they do during the day?How do you help an 11-month-old to sleep through the night?How do you get a four-year-old to poo on the loo when they're scared to poo at all?Is the above advice any different for a five-year-old?How do you help a 19-month-old to sleep at night?How to help a co-sleeping toddler transition to their own bedWhat to do about a 22-month-old who wakes in the night and wants to play?The best way to move a seven-month-old from a bassinet to a cot when they hate the cot?How to get a fussy fourteen-month-old to eat a wider variety of foodIs there any way to get toddler and pre-schooler siblings to stop fighting?For more help and to speak with a qualified expert check out Babyology’s Parent School. will be back with sleep consultant Jo Ryan next week. You can contact us by doing any of the following:HelplineEmail us at Jo during the Babyology Facebook live on Monday from AEDT 11:30amLeave your question in our Babyology Helpline Facebook group.See for privacy information.

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