Helpline: Day care drop offs, night waking and toddler tantrums

There is a lot to love about being a parent, but there are challenges too. Sleepless nights, food on the floor, tears in the shopping aisle. When you find yourself facing a situation and you just can't find a solution, is here to lend a hand. This week Mothercraft nurse and author of Bringing Baby Home Chris Minogue helped parents with: A three-year-old struggling with daycare drop off, a two-and-a-half-year-old waking up through the night, a five-week-old who wakes from naps upset, a cat-napping three-month-old, a two-and-a-half-year-old who has dropped his day nap and is now waking super early, a one-year-old who tantrums when they don't get assistance, whether to persevere with a swaddle for a seven-week-old, whether to keep a dummy for a seven-month-old, a 17-month-old who insists on company falling to fall asleep and a three-month-old who hates the bath.HelplineSee for privacy information.

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