Helpline: Bad sleeping habits after reflux and illness, waking toddlers and more

It's fair to say that one of the most important things in life is sleep. At least, that's how it feels when you become a parent and you're getting none. brings together the best experts from Babyology's to help you and your baby (or child) get more sleep. Our guests can also help you with ways to manage tantrums, fussy eating, or toilet training issues. Today registered nurse, certified sleep consultant and mum Hannah Wallace answers the following questions:Helpline Parent School Four-month-old with bad reflux and sleep challengesHow to settle a five-week-old bottle-fed babyHow to manage toileting accidents with a two-and-a-half-year-oldAn almost-three-year-old who is waking up through the nightHow to ditch the dummy for a two-and-a-half-year-oldA two-and-a-half-year-old who has started to be fussy with his foodA 13-month-old waking for an extra breastfeedA five-month-old who is catnapping through the dayA 15-month-old who has been sick and now has bad sleep habitsA two-year-old who is tantruming over everything will be back next Monday. You can contact us by doing any of the following: Email us at, ask your question during the Babyology Facebook live on Monday from AEDT 11:30am or leave your question in our Babyology Helpline Facebook group. Need help or advice right now? Book in a one-on-one session with a Parent School expertHelplineSee for privacy information.

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