Best of Helpline: Toddlers attached to milk bottles, twins and dummies and more

We are taking a short break this week and will be back live next week with Babyology Sleep School expert Karina Lane. Today we are bringing you one of our favourite with Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue. In this episode of Chris tackles: A two-and-a-half-year-old still needing a bottle to sleep, a four-week-old reflux baby who doesn't want to sleep in the bassinet, how to introduce a comforter to a nine-and-a-half-month-old, a co-sleeping 15-month-old who likes to pull his mum's hair for comfort, sleep patterns for a 16-week-old, should a six-month-old eat Tapioca? When one 18-month-old twin insists upon using a dummy and if you've had one reflux baby are you likely to have another?Helplines HelplineTo book a private one-on-one consult with Karina Lane or another sleep expert you can book one through Babyology’s Sleep School.Next week Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue will be in the chair. You can contact us by doing any of the following:Helpline · Email us at· Ask your question during the Babyology Facebook live every Monday from 11:30 am· Leave your question in our Babyology Helpline Facebook group.See for privacy information.

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