English Grammar Corner

Adam explains English grammar, both for learners of English as a Second Language, and people who are just confused.

21:03:42 2019-02-18
Adam talks about demonstrative adjectives in English.
21:07:39 2019-02-18
Adam talks about adjectives of number.
21:04:14 2019-02-18
Adam talks about adjectives in English.
21:06:27 2019-02-18
Adam talks about gender in English.
21:09:01 2019-02-18
Adam describes defining and non-defining relative clauses.
21:06:26 2019-02-18
Adam talks about the order of adjectives in English.
21:07:57 2019-02-18
Adam describes how So am I works.
21:09:40 2019-02-18
Adam describes how prepositions work in English.
21:10:32 2019-02-18
Adam talks about the difference between prescriptive and descriptive grammar.
21:17:39 2019-02-18
Adam describes how verbs can their meaning depending on if they are in a 'to' or an 'ing' form.
21:06:06 2019-02-18
Adam explains how plurals work in English. 
21:08:56 2019-02-18
Adam describes the differences between stative and active verbs.
21:22:31 2019-02-18
Adam describes how articles work in English.
21:11:32 2019-02-18
Adam describes and explains how reported speech works.
21:14:01 2019-02-18
Adam explains how simple tenses work in English. 
21:14:22 2019-02-18
Adam explains what continuous tenses are and how they work.