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Welcome to the eCom: Insider Talk, where we talk with successful eCom store and agency owners to hear what they’re doing that is working RIGHT NOW, and learn from their mistakes and wins along the way. We would love to share your story! If you’d like to be featured on the podcast, please send an email to In the topic, please write “Podcast”

53:00 2022-06-23
Today we’re joined by Ron Shah, the Co-Founder and CEO of Obvi – one of the boldest and vibrant supplement brands in the world.Today we talked about: How they started obvi with $10k and scaled it now to $30 Million […]
41:41 2022-06-15
Today we’re joined by Noah Tucker aka Noah Tuck who went from running stores doing $100k per week to running Social Snowball – a Shopify app helping you turn your customers into affiliates. In the episode we talked about– His […]
41:24 2022-06-09
Today we’re joined by Mik, the One Product Store King and today we talked about – how he went from washing dishes to making multiple 7 figures with a one product DS store – how to scale ecom stores in […]
43:38 2022-06-02
Today we’re joined by Jordan Menard, the media buyer behind powerful personal brands such as Sam Ovens, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tai Lopez as well as your favorite brands as diff eyewearToday we talked about How he went from selling on […]
22:12:06 2022-05-23
Today we’re joined by Floris GDG, an eCom drop shipper turned brand builder with an exceptional talent for building teams, and scaling stores to $1,000,000 /mo in Europe today we talked about– How did he start his eCom journey– How […]
59:29 2022-04-26
Today we’re joined by Kevin., one of the most successful Dutch dropshippers and in this episode, we talked about– How he went from selling software in a 9-to-5 to eCommerce– His lessons while building a self-sustaining team– His mindset tips […]
48:56 2022-04-13
Today we’re joined by Julien, 7 Figure Pinterest King and in our very first episode we talked about How to sell and scale in Germany profitably, while paying 19% tax How to get started selling on Pinterest How is Pinterest […]