Easy Natural English with Cassie

I usually talk about personal topics for deep conversation to help improve your conversation ability with other native English speakers. I hope you can use this for motivation and shadowing practice as well!

21:20:27 2022-10-08
Hello! In this episode I talk about our recent trip to Hokkaido and how difficult it is to travel is to travel with a toddler.
21:29:31 2022-09-30
Hi everyone, today I talk about some books I've been reading lately and the importance of compassion and not following the stupid rules of society.
21:36:19 2022-09-20
Hi! In this episode I chatted about random things so you may learn a lot of new vocabulary words!
21:37:21 2022-09-06
Hello! This is just an update episode of my life recently. Hope you can relax and enjoy as well as pick up some new vocabulary :)
21:44:19 2022-08-30
Hi, in this episode I talk about the complex history of Okinawa (my hometown) and the modern problems in Okinawa today. Hope you find it interesting!
21:33:51 2022-08-23
Hello again! I had Covid last week but am ok now. In this episode I talk about having a baby in Japan and why I was against having a baby for a long time. 
21:37:39 2022-08-09
https://www.patreon.com/enewcassie Hi everyone! Thank you for always listening to my podcast, I really appreciate it. I have made a Patreon page for Easy Natural English with Cassie so I hope to see you all there! In this episode I talk about not using so...
21:47:30 2022-08-02
Hi! In this episode I talk about advice I would give to my younger self and why we need to take more care of ourselves after we finish school. I also talk about my personal struggles with studying Japanese and why we moved back to Japan after I finished u...
21:27:43 2022-07-26
Hi! In this episode I talk about how our parents were normal people just like you and me. Hope you enjoy!
21:36:31 2022-07-19
Hello again :) In this episode I just chat about a lot of random topics but the main thing I wanted to talk about was how we should stop judging people. It's a long episode and a philosophical topic so don't worry if you don't understand at first, it's qu...
21:19:05 2022-07-12
Hi everyone, in this episode I talk about the death of our former prime minister this past week and also about rushing my daughter to the hospital.
21:17:09 2022-07-08
Hello! In this episode I talk a little bit about how I finally feel more comfortable with myself and my life now that I'm in my 30's and compare it with my teenage years and my 20's. 
21:23:51 2022-07-05
Hello! In this episode I discuss my 2 current complaints and also talk about getting mom-shamed at Ikea.
21:20:21 2022-07-02
Hi again! In this episode I talk about my 2 life mottos and how they really changed the way I see the world and treat myself. I hope you will be able to take them and use them for yourself and your happiness too :)
21:18:21 2022-06-29
Hello! In this episode I talk about how I didn't know how to stay warm or cool when the seasons changed and also why I don't like the bathroom.
21:15:01 2022-06-24
Hello, here's just a quick update on my fitness goals and the main reason I work out. Hint: It's not because I want my body to look good!
21:21:47 2022-06-21
I recorded myself eating 7/11 food and talking about my insecurities for a youtube video but.. it didn't go well. 
21:24:08 2022-06-17
Hello! In this episode, I talk about wanting to do a lot of things but worrying too much about what other people think. I am scared of people being mean to me or thinking I am stupid. But I also give advice about how to stop worrying what others will thin...
21:32:24 2022-06-14
Hi again, in this episode I talk about how I get depressed sometimes and how people usually don't talk about their negative feelings. We shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about our sadness and anger, and you are not the only one who experiences these feeli...
21:19:59 2022-06-07
Hi! In this episode I talk about a YouTube video that Liam and I made recently answering random questions. I talk about the super power I'd like to have and about using dating applications.
21:24:24 2022-06-01
Hello! In this episode I talk about the Johnny Depp vs. Amber heard court case that is happening right now. I've been watching this case since it started and I think it's so interesting because their relationship seemed very bad and some psychologists say...
21:18:32 2022-05-31
Hello again! In this episode I talk about the weather differences between different cities I've lived in and about my Mom coming to visit. We walked a lot while she was here so I also talk about exercise a bit. Hope you enjoy!
21:18:16 2022-05-24
Hello! This episode is about how hard it is to make friends in your late 20's and early 30's. If you haven't hung out with your friends in a while, maybe this episode will encourage you to make a friend date with them :)
21:22:13 2022-05-17
Hello! In this episode I talk about why it's so important to set goals for yourself and hopefully give you some motivation to do something you've been avoiding :)
21:22:17 2022-05-10
In this episode I talk about being nervous while recording podcasts and the topics somehow evolves into talking about unhealthy relationships whether they are romantic, familial, or friendships.
21:15:26 2022-05-03
In this episode, I start off talking about what I want to do in the future but I accidentally forget what the topic is and start talking about other random things. Enjoy!
21:30:46 2022-04-26
In this episode, I discuss the evolution of my music preferences starting from when I was a child until now. I also talk about random topics along the way.
21:11:54 2022-04-19
This episode is about starting to run again as a way of taking control of my mind and body and bird watching like I'm trying to catch Pokemon.
21:12:27 2022-04-12
This episode is about real crime stories and trying to stay safe.
21:11:12 2022-04-05
This episode is about the spring season starting and taking time to enjoy and appreciate the small things in our everyday lives.
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