Due Parenting Podcast

Due is a weekly audio and video podcast hosted by Linda and Ibrahim Suleiman. It highlights everything that has to do with parenting from trying to conceive, labour and raising children. The show will educate, entertain and break down all the myths surrounding parenting.

21:57:11 2022-07-01
Our producer scouted the internet to find interesting questions about parenting and we gave our honest opinions about them. PS: The conversation may have gotten heated at some point. Lol
21:54:40 2022-06-24
Our guests shared what labour looked like for them and the changes that came with it, physically and mentally. Guests: Wanri and Wendy Simpson
22:01:54 2022-06-17
This week, we discuss all the things our toddler has been up to in recent times; falling down, walking, hospital visit, first words and how we are adjusting to it.
22:11:26 2022-06-10
We invited our friends, The Arimoros to share with us their parenting fails and the many things they have found to be myths about parenthood. 
21:40:59 2022-06-03
In today’s topic, we discuss the dynamics of traveling and having alone time after having kids. How important it is and how we are navigating it
22:00:59 2022-05-27
We brought back our friends to share what it costs to have your child abroad. We also share some of our experiences with having a child in Nigeria. Guests: Dr. Tosin and Deji Amund
21:41:52 2022-05-20
In today's episode, we talk about one of Ibrahim's least favourites topic, disciplining your child. Should spare the rod? What are the rules especially in this new age? Don't forget to like and rate us! 
22:32:35 2022-05-13
We invited our friend who is a pediatrician to answer your most googled questions about your babies.  Fevers, first aid treatment, hospital visits, calling your doctors etc. We also have her husband share what it is like being a girl dad.
22:08:05 2022-05-06
We talk about the toddler stage of raising our son, Keon. The breastfeeding, unexpected changes, scary hospital visits, funny antics he gets up to and immunizations.
22:09:22 2022-04-29
We invited our friends, Chuka and Precious Ofili to share their experience with raising a special needs child in Nigeria. The diagnosis, the hospital visits and everything in-between. Remember to follow us on all social medias @dueparentingpod. Also subsc...
22:15:16 2022-04-22
For our first episode, we take you through our journey to childbirth. All the complications and what we learned through the journey. Follow us on all social media @dueparentingpod
21:02:04 2022-04-20
We finally decided to host a podcast. Yay! Here is a glimpse of what to expect. First episode drops on April 22nd at 12 noon. Make sure to listen!