22 - Avoiding Burnout With Justin Gillespie, LMSW-C, QIDP

Hey friends! Welcome to episode twenty two! This week we are chatting with Justin Gillespie. Justin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of Thriving Enhanced. We discuss toxic work environments and the effects that burnout can have on us. Pay attention to this one! Let’s get started. Follow Beth on IG: @bethferacofitness Follow Matt on IG: @mattlaarfit Follow Justin on IG: @multidimensionaljay If you enjoyed this episode, why not share it with a friend or family member that needs to hear it? Send us a DM on Instagram to let us know what you think of this one, and with episode ideas! If we use your comment or suggestion, we'll give you a shoutout on the podcast!

by Cut The Crap With Beth And Matt