Last Week in Crypto - US GDP Falls by Record 33% (How to Hedge Against the USD!)

This is the third episode of a weekly cryptocurrency news series called Last Week in Crypto.We cover the latest global news stories affecting the cryptocurrency markets July 19th through 25th of 2020.=== $50 Worth of FREE Crypto from ===โ™ฅ Signup - - Type in Referral Code: CryptoCasey and we both get $50 ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅ Link to Join Ivan on Tech Academy - check out the links to all of the articles we discuss, go to LINKS TO ACCESS SITES SAFELY ===โ™ฆ Coinbase - Receive $10 of FREE BITCOIN when you use this link to sign up for Coinbase and invest $100:โ™ฆ Kraken Exchange Link:โ™ฆ KuCoin Exchange Link -โ™ฆ Binance Signup Link:โ™ฆ Bittrex Signup Link:โ™ฆ Coinmama Signup Link -โ™ฆ BitBuy Canadian Exchange Link -โ™ฆ Recommended Hardware Wallet:Ledger Nano X Backup Pack Link -โ™ฆ BC Vault Crypto Hardware Wallet Link - VIDEO SUMMARY ===We will talk about what happened in the markets, the increasing network fees, Ethereumโ€™s competitors mainnets launching, the dim outlook for the US economy, and whatโ€™s going on in China.To check out the links to all of the articles we discuss, go to Ethereumโ€™s network continues to strain under the immense weight of the increased demand in DeFi, two Ethereum competitors launched their mainnets this week, both of which involve proof-of-stake protocols: the same type of solution Ethereum will be transitioning to in the ETH 2 upgrade.Cardanoโ€™s Shelley hard fork, five years in the making, went live this week.Elrondโ€™s mainnet launched this past Thursday with a new DeFi app and staking opportunities.The Economy is in reverse: Initial jobless claims rise for a second week, GDP falls by a record 33% - the biggest economic contraction on record dating to 1947.=== SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ===โ— Facebook Page -โ— Twitter:โ— Instagram:โ— Telegram:โ— Business Contact - Casey@CryptoCasey.comโ— Website - DONATIONS ===โ™ฅ BTC - 12XfdCJqEuRRzMrcD1YaE5kHeSShdkcW3Gโ™ฅ ETH - 0xf94c719621E358890Dd33dD010a1fb4717EbdaE4 --- Support this podcast:

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